An easy to sell GSM based full feature, full mobile PABX, that does not require data for connectivity.

So you can effortlessly sell with the assurance that your customers will be thrilled with their mobile PABX solution from MobiNET.

How much is losing out on sales because of not having the correct solution for clients costing you?

Deals not closing

Your IT team just does not have the resources to deliver what CEO wants

Difficult Installations

Your current IT infrastructure and resources are creating missed opportunities

Costly support team

Your competitors are leaving you behind and have better IT solutions

No more wasted time and money on complex PABX systems – switch to MobiNET for effortless mobile PABX solutions.

MobiNET offers a seamless and effective GSM-based mobile PABX solution, enabling resellers to increase sales and provide clients with reliable, efficient communication.

Shorter upgrade cycle

Simpler faster deals

No installation required

Shorter service timeframe

We understand the challenges of selling mobile PBX solutions in an industry with a negative reputation for subpar offerings.

That is why MobiNET created an easy to sell GSM based full feature, full mobile PABX, that does not require data for connectivity that your customer’s will love and love you for it.

We've assisted countless companies, like yours, in solving sales loss issues by providing the right solution for clients, allowing for fast, easy, and confident sales, with extremely satisfied customers.

At MobiNET, we understand that as a Telecommunications & Office Automation Reseller, you want to sell quickly, easily, and with confidence

At MobiNET, we understand that as a Telecommunications & Office Automation Reseller, you want to sell quickly, easily, and with confidence that your customers will be extremely satisfied. However, losing out on sales because you don’t have the right solution for clients can leave you feeling frustrated. We know exactly how that feels because we’ve been there ourselves. That’s why we created an easy-to-sell GSM-based full feature, full mobile PABX that doesn’t require data for connectivity.

Here’s how we do it: Step 1 – Book a demo to see how MobiNET works and how it can fill the gap for clients who don’t need a traditional PABX system or are frustrated with their VoIP system. Step 2 – Become an authorized MobiNET reseller by meeting our criteria, attending training, signing the agreement, and taking delivery of your demo units. Step 3 – Close your first of many MobiNET deals by receiving further training to understand the full benefits, as well as sales training on how to identify your ideal client and overcome objections.

With MobiNET, you no longer have to feel frustrated. Book a demo today and start your journey towards becoming a successful Telecommunications & Office Automation Reseller.

Our 3 step process for success

Let's Talk

Book a discovery call with Mark, our project pro, to share your vision, your goals and understand your frustrations.

Review the Success Road Map

The road map is the path from your frustrations to your success. We will show you the way and then walk with you.

Deliver Success

The road map, our success framework together with our high performing teams means your project is guaranteed to be a sucess

Acumen Is Trusted By:

“Acumen’s design-led development process really came to the fore with the minimum viable core of the MobiNET App being developed and released in under 8 weeks. This foundation has scaled to thousands of users without needing any revisions”

Alex van den Bosch

Founder & lead entrepreneur, MobiNET

“Not only a highly intelligent, efficient and resourceful software solutions company, is a centre of internet business innovation, with a lifestyle orientated attitude to business which aims to secure the long-term wellbeing of the business and the entrepreneur. A business dream is just a strategy away, with enough laughs to accompany the ups and downs of navigating a new business journey!”

Carina Bruwer

CEO, Gigster

“We have worked with various software companies over the years to help provide systems and processes to support our growth but we have always struggled to get what we want and have ended up either compromising on the end solution or not starting the project. We find Acumen’s approach incredibly refreshing and completely transparent. It’s been such a pleasure working with them and they have added so much value to what we do, that we find ourselves actively looking for ways to work with them more and they are now core to our strategy moving forward."

William Duk

Group CEO - Plantation Shutters®

“Acumen partnered with us to make a shared dream a reality. They significantly contributed to establishing the necessary foundation by providing the tools and experience to accelerate this process. I commend Acumen for their unprecedented commitment to trust and principle.”

CEO - Sigmavii

Group CEO - Plantation Shutters®


Most frequent questions and answers

Despite being a small company, we assure you that we are agile, flexible, and competent enough to deliver on your project. We prioritize the involvement of our executives in your project and do not delegate tasks to juniors or interns to ensure quality results. Plus, being smaller, we offer more affordable rates without compromising quality.

Our track record speaks for itself – our clients stay with us for the long haul. With over a decade of experience, we’ve built strong, lasting relationships with our customers.

Our model allows us to tap into a worldwide pool of resources, with the flexibility to work in any location or time zone. We are always available and have ample capacity to meet your needs.

Technical development can be expensive but Acumen provides significantly better value for money by making smarter architectural decisions, including extensive leveraging re-usability of code. Our initial process will not only give you the road map you need to bring your project to life, but will also determine the investment needed. The scope of the project can then be tailored to suit your budget.

Our approach to project management is founded on full transparency. We adhere to a signed off plan with clear KPIs and milestones to ensure progress towards success. Our focus on transparency and KPIs guarantees that projects stay on track and aimed at success.

Make sure your next project will be a a success

The Project Success Calculator

The Project Success Calculator

Please answer each of the following 8 questions by providing a rating between 0 and 10 with 10 being a very strong yes and 0 being a very strong no. 

1. Leadership


2. Preparation


3. Resourcing


4. Collaboration


5. Management


6. Design


7. Delivery


8. Deployment


Where should I send the results?

I would like to send you your results, as well as a spread sheet version of  this calculator. The spread sheet version will be very useful for in house predictions of a project's success

These scores are weighted and used to calculate your likelihood of project success score

Likelihood of project success

Click next if you scored less than 100%

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